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Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand - My life as a circus clown.

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March 6th, 2009

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12:16 am - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
Ok, ok, I'm only a month late with this. I've just been too lazy busy to do my album "reviews" and I have a bit of a backlog... so I'll start with this and try to finish up the rest soon. I might just post a few together as "quick" reviews as I want to start reviewing every new album I get/listen to this year. So without further ado:

As I mentioned in my review of their live show last year, I had kind of let my interest in Franz Ferdinand fade slightly, if only because they hadn't really done anything in a couple years. But, the live show renewed by anticipation for the new album and by the time it came out, I was rather excited for it. And did it satisfy?
Yes. Yes it did.
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand starts off with the first single, Ulysses, and while I liked the song well enough when I first heard it, this is definitely more of a grower than their previous singles. It's not as instantly catchy, but becomes just as good given time and hints at their upcoming synthiness. The next couple tracks, Turn It On and No You Girls are a little more old school Franz, especially the latter which is very reminiscent of Take Me Out and insaaaaaanely catchy. Send Him Away turns a lot more funk driven and dancey then Bite Hard continues the albums urging for you to move.
What She Came For was my favourite new song from the aforementioned show and starts off like you would expect a Franz Ferdinand song to, but then then ending EXPLODES and goes crazygonuts into some amazing nearly-metal thrashing. Through all these songs there are a fair amount of genre shifts, but they all somehow feel natural, like they came from the band jamming rather than meticulous scheming.
The crux, or climax, of the album is Lucid Dreams. Vastly different from the version they released last summer, the song is a bit slower, but still your usual FF song, and the chorus doesn't quite soar when it should, but then they blows your brains out your mindhole by turning the song into nothing like you've ever heard from them, a Death From Above 1979-lite synthy-dance-funk-o-tron and it is not only a surprise that they included it, but that they pulled it off as well.
And if Lucid Dreams was the climax, then what follows may best be called the "denouement" of the album, a slower and full-on synth-pop Dream Again and then what tops Lucid Dreams in being the biggest surprise of the album, Katherine Kiss Me is a very mellow and acoustic song with just Kapranos and his guitar. The song is shockingly tender and sweet number that is, again, not something you would have expected to come from Franz Ferdinand, but a perfect way to end an album such as this.

Tonight is probably Franz Ferdinand's best overall album to date, and most accomplished. Is it too early to predict an album of the year? Of course. Will better albums come along this year? Most likely. Will this album end up in my top [whatever] list of the year? Undoubtedly.

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